Monday, February 23, 2009

Greetings from snowy Vermont

Well, thought Id better write something today. We are getting lots of fresh snow here these past several days. Good for the skiers! As usual Iv been reading info from various sites on the insane, and chaotic push toward full global governance, and the complete control of every aspect of human life by technology, and backed up by military force. It can be a bit depressing at times, and I some time feel like throwing in the towel, and not even bother the read anymore. However I Usually feel much better after some fresh air, and a daily ski down the local x-country ski trail! I just want to encourage every one to be active in loosing any ties to this world that would hinder a person from remaining strong in their faith, and testimony for Yahushua! All these trials will come our way. There is no hope for the current state of affairs in this world, nor should there be!!! A wonderful eternity with our savior is coming, for those who have received salvation through Christ, and remain faithful. We must separate ourselves from crossing the line to were we fully interface with the "beast system". Doing so is the ultimate act of betrayal/whoredom , and a very foolish act that secures a Christ less eternity. The subtlety with which the world is being prepared for this with so few noticing, or caring enough about it is incredible. It really feels like something you can discern in your spirit, as well as intellectually. Like an ebb, and flow, but always with each flow of "change", an advance toward a more deeply secular cold world. Does anyone else feel that? I have lightened my load of material possessions to what would fit in a car trunk easily. For families this is more difficult but still parring down on "things", and especially debit, is a good thing! I think Abba has given me enough trials, as well as aches, and pains to keep me from loving this world too much! I'm happy for that, but at times it ain't fun! lol Some times I'm overwhelmed by how people other than myself are suffering already, and this is only the beginning!!!! The best thing we can do for the hurting is tell them the truth about this world, and the Savior. Otherwise we are just educating ourselves, and with no effect toward helping the lost. I know that in all this, our Savior will keep us, and be with us all the way! Whether in life, or death may Yahushua receive our praises!!! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the lost, and the remnant church! Shalom

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