Friday, March 6, 2009

The Tower Builders

Truly the Tower Builders are nearing the completion of which, will be a very short lived folly, as was the first. We see in nearly every thing in this world the image of the tower building "beast". Man seeking his own destiny completely severed from his Creator. These wise men, disciples of the dark fallen star, embrace the very essence of ignorance. They through their own sensual lusts lead the majority of the populace to the same miserable eternity. They largely accomplish this through the "air". Broadcasting enticing bits of sensory mesmerization , To the completely indoctrinated zombie like, critical mass populace, within which they now operate at their own will, and wishes. The edicts they espouse, are nothing short of perfect ignorance in light of the laws of our Heavenly Father. These rulers, the masses place their own misguided faith in. If we were under rule by unmedicated, unindoctrinated 5 year olds, we would see a better secular society at least. Never the less, in the very near future this tower will be destroyed, as the first, and our King will break the nations to shivers with a rod of iron. We will live in an analog Kingdom, delivered from a digital dark world. We will know our Shepherds voice. What a glorious day that will be!!! Just think about what a glorious thing it will be with our King on earth!!! Until then, pray fervently, and keep your faith in Christ as the most precious thing there is. Cuz it is! Shalom

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