Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Babylonian Interface

Greetings in Yahushua. Have a few thoughts on the "world system". Was thinking about the world, and how believers, and non believers alike, are so easily brought into fellowship with "the beast system". For perhaps most of us, the thought of even grade school children with out a cell phone, or an i-pod touch and every other new gadget, is almost equivalent to "child neglect"!!! A home with out a giant hi-def television is like "green acres". Yes, we all want "convenient banking, and "no hassles bill paying", but what is all this bliss preparing us for??? Can a human soul, suffer the absence of these things from his, or her world? When the "mark of the beast" becomes required for buying, and selling, how shall we pay to maintain these "abundant delicacies"? We wont!!! Is it best to go into boot camp for the army over weight, and completely out of shape? Or should we enter trim, and at least some what fit? Perhaps its time to pray, and listen to see how much "soul pleasure" fat, the Heavenly Father would show us we have around our life's midsection. We may not be far from "active duty"!!! As late as the 18th chapter of Revelation we are being warned by our merciful Father to "come out of her, my people"! Lets chose to "come out" now! Shalom

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