Monday, February 2, 2009


At what point should it become clear to the discernment challenged, that the power elite will not bring us out of our tail spin? The very indulgence in ultra liberalism, excess, self deification, debauchery, lust, and lies that have gotten us here in this great trouble now. As well the desire to blot out from all the earth every thing pertaining to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His will for His creation, are being furthered along by "the kings of this world", as the very solution to the problems we face!!! Rather than recognizing this as the cause, and core of our current dilemma. Instead of liberty, we are being fitted for shackles. All in the name of liberty! When the cold secular world, and its power base is our guide, and hope. All we will see is suffering, and enslavement as confusion reigns. Right living, and humble faith in our Creator is in diametric opposition to the "evolving" minions of evil spirits. The masses satiated on copious amounts of Hollywood/television entrancement, are supple for luciferic initiation. Further reinforced with evolutionary teaching, by idealist graduates, of institutions of baser knowledge. All this rendering the mass of humanity slave merchandise for global elitists. The good news is that all these elites , and their "spirit guides",will be as chafe before the consuming fire of our conquering King. Who will cloth them in worthy garments of flame, at the end of this age. That time which is upon us here,and now. What we must do as objectors/defectors, to "this world", is to remove ourselves from babylon. Which many have not done a good job of corporately, "emergent church", (me included), or we would be a spectacle to the world. We would see persecution, if we gave off enough of Yahushuas light, as it would conflict with the "dark light" anointing of this unregenerate world. The thing is we will come to that point regardless, were we must make the decision to "be separate", as we are taken from our current pasture, and made to fit through the gate of inspection/initiation. It will become full knowledge to our handlers who are the sheep, and who are the lemmings! Lets keep the remnant church in prayer, and that we ourselves would be accounted faithful, and worthy to be wilderness sheep. Come quickly Yahushua!

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