Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Iv finally, figured out what a big part of my problem was. Having been raised in an idyllic rural area of the Midwest. With its quaint neighborhoods, small farms, and horse ranches. Were you could buy field ripened fruits, and vegetables at roadside stands, and crime was virtually nonexistent. Were I rode my bike to play little league baseball. Were my young friends lived in families with a mom, and dad. Were mom was home taking care of the children, and dad at work. Divorce a relative rarity. Were we prayed in class, and were made to think of how blessed we were to have liberty, and to be thankful for it. How bloody naive I was!!! I had not been made aware yet, of how narrow minded, and naive I/we, really were!!! How could, such a simple minded people, muddle through life with out a place for alternative life styles? Special rights for kids, animals, even plants? Those poor folks who were offended, HARMED, and marginalized, by our simple minded beliefs. Not understanding that we came from "mud"anyway!!!!! Not some kind of God of some sort!!! Not to mention, our cherished sovereignty, being so selfish, and unmindful of the rest of the worlds people. Finally, I realized that nations can not function properly, with out a New Order. Where we use the same currency, and we ALL, have the same beliefs. A homogenized global citizenry, ruled by a wise benevolent oligarch, to make loving decisions for the global citizenry, out of their own compassionate dear sweet hearts. Those people who tried to build a tower on the plains of Shinar in days of old, had it right!!! Every one living in peace, and safety. Where we could behold the cosmos, and steer our own destiny, as creators, by "our" will. Were women could control their bodies, and decide whether they wanted a child, or not. Were you can marry who ever, or what ever you want. This old notion of God, and country, hard work, and responsibility, was causing anguish to others who had a different "take", on what the world should be like. Now after several decades of rethinking, and with the dedication, and sacrifice of loving, kind, pure hearted group of Hollywood STARS, lending a helping hand, by educating us, with copious amounts of wholesome input, from the sacred television/movie temples. Their solid moral fiber, refashioning us, from our old Draconian ways. Now we are at that point were this "new world system" is ready to bring us a world of beauty, and peace. I for one, am so glad the bankers of the world have lent us a loving hand in fashioning for us even now, a blessed "world currency". It warms my heart to see my health food co-op supporting population reduction groups. Just think, healthy planet, healthy planetary citizens!!!! Enough tofu, and brown rice for EVERYONE!!!! Well, many of us anyway. So much sweetness, and light!!!! Pure love, from unfeigned hearts! You can just feel it!!! We are all evolving into a higher level of conscience!!! I do feel sorry for those trapped in old , outmoded ways of thinking. I only hope there is something for them, on the other side? We can see even now the fruits of this "new age", in how every one is living in a safer, and more secure world. Even now, currencies are stabilizing, and every one is filled with courage, and excitement, for this new world of light, and love!!!! Its so exciting. The men who have led us from the highest office in this land, have been men of a strong, faith, and conviction in mankind. Leading us along with their like minded brethren in other nations, to this exciting age of a golden dawn!!!! Once our most highly exalted president, has our citizen army in place, our security will be absolute! It certainly took me a long time to "get it". What a dullard!!! I must have been one of those who just got in. I'm so happy my conscience level was just high enough. YEAH!!!! LOL Come quickly Yahushua!!!!!!!!!! Save your people. We long to see your face! Make Jerusalem a praise in the earth!!!! Shalom

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