Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunny day

Iv not written anything in a while. Perhaps there is nothing to say. I read lots on line. Several christian blogs, and web sites. Some times I wonder why? Is knowledge of all the details of this evil world, and its social/spiritual/political systems helping us, or the lost come to know Yahushua as their Savior? Is it helping us get prepared for tribulation? Perhaps ill change the complexion of this blog to be more of an out reach to the lost? Perhaps also to try to help equip, and encourage the saints to face the life, and death challenges that lie ahead? Does any one else feel this same way? Lets all keep each other in prayer. I know I need prayer now, as Im going through a tough time right now. I know it will pass, and will be a blessing. At this time now it is not real fun though. The sun is out, and I need to get out side, and see the beauty our Abba has created. Its just a shadow of what the full glory of this earth will be. when our King returns!!!!! shalom

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