Friday, January 2, 2009

Obama Nation

From Ingrid at Slice of Laodicea,

Rick Warren Crafts Inaugural Prayer
Jan 02 by Ingrid Schlueter
Do we seriously think God is impressed with these civil prayers offered up at the inauguration? Is he hearing the prayers of an audience comprised of every belief under the sun, including atheists? Will God be moved if Rick Warren mouths the name of Jesus while asking for the blessing on America’s radical, pro-death President? What a farce this is. America resembles old Rome with its Pantheon (temple to all the gods). Rick Warren will intone a prayer asking God to bless the mess, and evangelicals will act as though it was a wonderful thing. God isn’t about to bless America where the blood of 50 million infants soaks the soil, and a President with blood on his hands is being sworn in. To do so would go against everything in His character as revealed in the Bible. God is judging America, and the spiritual confusion sown by Rick Warren is part of that.
They that forsake the law praise the wicked; But such as keep the law contend with them.
–Proverbs 28:4


Bro. Jason Parker said...

Yes!!!! I totaly agree. It is so refreshing to hear these words of truth.

Young Grasshopper said...

Hi Marc,

I was finally able to figure out how to add your blog to my blogroll again. YAY!

Why is it so easy for me to forget how to do these things lately?

Anyhow, I think I am an oddball. I actually have no interest in trying to survive when the tribulation comes. I am so looking forward to being with the Lord that I just want that time to come quickly. I realize I am weird that way, and if in fact, I thought i was going to die tomorrow, I'd probably change my mind. But in the end, these bodies that we live in are truly filthy rags, and leaving them will not be that big a deal, I think.

Shem1777 said...

YG, I agree with you on being anxious to leave this world behind. I think we who learn to "hate" this world are blessed of Abba. Even though when we are "pressed out of measure" its agonizing at the time. I just look for simple things, little itsy bitsy things each day to rejoice in. That, and prayer, are the only things that get me through each day. I'M going through tough times right now. The story of my life has been that im the diametric opposite of King Midas. Everything he touched turned to gold. Everything iv touched turns to dung. EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I feel very blessed, but i do get so frustrated!! Iv searched my soul, and pleaded with Abba to show me what to do to get out of this spiral? Iv bound up generational curses, given tithes, and offering to Jewish ministries etc. Still the downward spiral always? Oh well, im blessed in my salvation. mark