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Rick Warren to Give Invocation for Pro-Child Killing Obama
Dec 17 by Ingrid Schlueter
In a stroke of political genius, and as payback for the votes delivered after his Saddleback appearances, Barack Obama, the most radically pro-child killing President in American history has chosen the Pied Piper of Purpose, Rick Warren, for the Inaugural invocation. An invocation is the invoking of God’s blessing on someone. Tell that to the babies slaughtered in abortion clinics in Illinois today and the thousands across America who were killed in cold blood.
I want to warn readers. Rick Warren, the master of the dialectic method, is on an extremely clever public relations campaign. He is moving on to his next phase—the political one. You may have read Warren’s quote this week that the “social gospel is Marxism in Christian clothing.” Really, Rick? There is absolutely nothing so effective in the bottomless bag of tricks of our emerging cultural architects than this ploy. Nobody better embodies the social gospel than Rick Warren. For years, he has been exposed for promoting exactly that—helping people externally minus the exclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet here we have the man who has done more to further the social gospel than any other, actually decrying the “social gospel.” Why does he do this? It’s the sleight of tongue that causes his followers to relax, to believe that after all, “Rick Warren would not mislead us! Look! He sees the social gospel for what it is! We’re all against Marxism, right? Warren is different. His message is not the social gospel! He even said so in the media!”
Rick Warren uses a key part of the Hegelian dialectic method so foundational to the very Marxism he decries. It’s called the Law of the Unity and Struggle of Opposites. I quote:
Between the opposites in a contradiction there is at once unity and struggle, and it is this that impels things to move and change.”
–Chairman Mao Tse -tung
What does this look like in practice? I will tell you. Rick Warren is doing far more than giving an invocation at Obama’s Inauguration. He is delivering evangelical followers into the hands of the the Administration. Not only is he invoking God’s blessing on a man who virulently opposes God’s commands in His Word regarding the preciousness of human life, the sacredness of God’s definition of marriage and so forth, he is telling millions of American evangelicals that you can, in fact, claim to be pro-life while aiding and abetting someone fully committed to continuing the bloodshed of innocents. Warren believes that contradictory opposites, like the Marxists have said, don’t have to drive the sides apart. Out of this struggle can emerge something new that will save the planet.
This is an irreconcilable difference–being pro-life and pro-death. Rick Warren wants us to believe that out of the two opposing sides, out of the struggle, there can be eventual unity and progress. That there can emerge a synthesis. That you can claim to stand for life while promoting death. That you can claim to oppose Marxism while you follow its foundational philosophical tenants. That you can claim to be opposed to the “social gospel” while being the very embodiment of it.
Rick Warren is lying. He is misleading millions. And when he ascends to the podium on Inauguration Day to invoke the blessing of God on Barack Obama’s Administration, please remember the silent cry of the blood that soaks our land, the blood of 50 million innocent children, made in the image of God. Warren stands on their whited bones when he prays. God hears that cry of the innocents that comes up before him, night and day. How long, O Lord? How long?
To those who defend Rick Warren in his treachery and betrayal, God help you. Repent of your blindness before it’s too late to turn back.
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