Friday, May 23, 2008


I was sitting outside last week contemplating the age we live in, and the things iv been reading regarding the end times. When into my mind popped the words digital remastering!!!! Contemplating on those words, I thought about how it took us from the Word, and desensitized the world ,to were we have become "digitally desensitized denizens"of a dark domain. We being constantly bombarded by sound bytes, radio frequencies, television mesmerizing, media hypnotizing, techno witchcraft entrancing,brain washing, satellite watching,and the digitalized ID, and e-money. We have become lemmings for the NWO folks. the universe is a harmonic place!!! Yahweh spoke it into what is. satan is about the digital realm, remastering, mesmerizing, confusion, disharmony, rigid control, illusion, and death. May Yahushua deliver us from the cold insensitive age we live in, and deliver us from the the things which are coming upon the earth!!!! Lets all watch, and be ready like the 5 wise virgins. Hes coming soon!!!!! SHALOM

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